Bangers & Shapps

Saturday, 22nd June 2013
12 noon

Stewart and I would like to invite you to meet Grant Shapps, Conservative Party Chairman, at a BBQ in our garden at 12 noon on Saturday 22nd June.


We are very lucky to have him visit Peterborough. He's incredibly busy as his role also has Cabinet responsibilities and, of course, marginal seats have first dabs on his time.


It is a very interesting time for the Party, and no doubt many of you have strong views on where the Party - and the country - is going. Now is the time to put those questions directly to the man who is in charge of the upcoming General Election campaign.


Grant is - almost! - as direct and straightforward as Stewart, and I would urge you to come along and get answers to those questions, make your points, suggest ideas and contribute to Stewart's GE Fighting Fund at the same time.


There will be Bangers, to go along with the Shapps, alongside burgers and salads. We will be selling Pimms and strawberries and cream for pudding.


If the children would like to bring their swim wear the pool will be open for them.


I do hope you can make it. Please bring friends.


Tickets at £12.50, children over five £3.00.



Please contact the Conservative Office for more information and to order your tickets.



Yours sincerely,





Sarah Jackson.