50/50 Club

The 50/50 Club provides a little fun and a clutch of cheques to lucky winners each month.

The principle is simple. Each member signs a bank mandate for £5 a month. At the end of the month, the number of fivers is counted up, half is paid out in cash prizes and half goes into Association coffers.

The 50/50 Club - which has been going for 5 years - now has over 130 members - and first prize each month is currently a whopping £200, plus 11 other cheques ranging from £50 to £5 are also distributed. We hope to have 200 members by the time of the General Election.

Occasionally, extra prizes are included - such as a trip for lunch in the Palace of Westminster or an all expenses paid dinner for two or a trip to see a show in the West End.

And there is yet another benefit offered to 50/50 Club Members. They can pay an annual membership subscription to the Association, by adding an extra £1 to their regular monthly bank transfer, giving them a £3 discount on the normal figure of £15.

But remember......You can't win it if you're not in it!!!!!

If you fancy your chances - call us at the Conservative Office on 01733 343 190 or write to:

Peterborough Conservative Association
193 Dogsthorpe Road