Jason Ablewhite

Police and Crime Commissioner
Jason Ablewhite has lived in Cambridgeshire all his life.  It is a place he has a great affinity and passion for – he grew up in Bar Hill and Dry Drayton and now lives in St Ives. Jason says, "I love the diversity of Cambridgeshire – from the deep fenlands on one side to the gentle hills on the other; from its quiet hamlets and small villages to its busy towns and the bustling centres of Cambridge and Peterborough; and its people: from those with wonderful folk memories to the scientific and medical whizz-kids – everyone who 'clubs together' to make Cambridgeshire such a great place to live."

He has been married to his wife, Annette, for 20 years and they have two sons who go to schools in St Ives.  His career was spent in sales and senior management in the food sector, but he retired last year to concentrate on local politics.


Jason Abelwhite attends Passing Out ceremony.

Yesterday, our Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Abelwhite, joined 23 new police recruits at their Passing Out ceremony. 

More than half of these new recruits will be coming to us in Peterborough!