Peterborough Conservatives Campaign Launch

Peterborough Conservatives Preparing for Elections

While we look forward to Christmas and the New Year, interest in politics both nationally and locally have been dominating the news.  The Government is grappling with the complexities of Brexit, where the battle between accepting a negotiated deal on leaving the EU, rejecting the current deal for a "no deal" Brexit, holding a second referendum or having no Brexit at all rages on in Westminster.  This is the most significant political decision for the UK in this generation.

In Peterborough, which voted with a 61% majority to leave the EU in 2016, our local Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, voted remain.  She explained her rationale for voting in this way:

“I voted Remain because for me I was looking at it with a lawyer hat on." 

In an extraordinary turn of events, she has faced more than a week of courtroom drama at the Old Bailey, accused of perverting the course of justice in relation to a speeding offence and identifying the driver of her car.  We hear today that the jury were unable to reach a verdict, so the judge has dismissed the jury and ordered a retrial to begin on 11th December.

Proud of Peterborough

Over the weekend local Conservatives launched their 2019 election campaign and also introduced our new prospective parliamentary candidate, Paul Bristow.  We are pleased to see a principled, committed Peterborian like Paul is ready to stand up for Peterborough with pride.  You can find out more about Paul's beliefs HERE.  To view the launch video, please click the youtube link above.