Vote for Angie Fenner, our candidate for Ravensthorpe Ward

Let me introduce myself to you as the local Conservative candidate for the Ravensthorpe Ward. In addition to Ravensthorpe this ward also covers areas of Netherton, West Town and West Wood.

I am currently the chair of the Ravensthorpe Residents Association. Due to this role I have had a lot of experience engaging with residents to discuss the issues they face and to come up with solutions to common problems. I feel it is vital that a local representative be in touch with the residents so they can prioritise the issues that are most important.

Working with Councillors Gul Nawaz and Sam Smith, we are conducting resident surveys so that you can tell us your views on living in the area, and feedback on how we can help to improve our community.

Our key priorities for Ravensthorpe Ward are:

1.  Improving the street scene by cleaning neglected street signs, clearing up litter and pushing for stronger fines against those responsible for fly-tipping.

2. Investing in road and pothole repairs. Using the extra £1.5 million invested in Cambridgeshire to tackle problem potholes.

3. Pay attention to parking requirements and look for innovative ways to meet the demand for parking spaces.

4. We are supporting and maintaining our local green spaces and parks by tackling the blight of litter and dog waste so that all members of the community can enjoy these valuable community assets.

It is an honour to have the opportunity to represent this community and if I am elected on the 2nd May I will continue to work tirelessly for all residents. I hope I have the opportunity to continue the work done by Councillor Sam Smith to make Ravensthorpe an even better place to live.

Yours sincerely

Angie Fenner

Conservative Candidate for Ravensthorpe, Netherton, West Town and Westwood