Re-elect Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald to West Ward in 2019.

It's great to be a West Ward councillor, as I genuinely do like helping people. I consider myself to be a person who ‘gets things done’ and since the last election hopefully I have helped a good number of people by tackling their problems head on.

During my time as a West Ward councillor, I have also been actively supporting the larger re-development projects in the area. Such as the recent expansions of the local primary schools and more recently assisting with extensions to the Jack Hunt school where many local children attend.

Those that know me will say that I am always willing and able to help with most things including fly-tipping, pothole repairs, problem parking or just helpful advice on planning matters. We call it “Reported & Sorted” which all come from the many face to face meetings we have with residents and the thousands of emails we get every year. In addition,

I will continue to support the members of different local community and social groups across South Bretton and Longthorpe with their own projects and if possible, provide funds where needed. I will also continue as an active board member of the Cresset Centre in Bretton and of Cross Keys Care, all part of the job of being an elected councillor.

It goes without saying, I will also continue to attend the many weekly City Council meetings in order to represent the views of local people, which is a duty I take very seriously. I do hope you can once again give me your support and vote for me, Wayne Fitzgerald, on Thursday the 2nd of May 2019

Yours sincerely

Wayne Fitzgerald

Conservative Candidate for West Ward