Our candidate for East Ward - Muhammad Ikram.

East Ward is a great place to live. We have excellent open green spaces, efficient transport links into the City Centre and a thriving industrial and business estate.

This community has many great assets, but we need to protect them. There are grass verges being destroyed by parking, parks being littered with rubbish and kerbsides being dumped with flytipping. Working with Councillor Iqbal I have been conducting resident surveys on the doorstep throughout the last few years to hear your views and to make sure we are working on the problems that affect you the most.

You have told us that you want to see stricter fines against those responsible for littering and flytipping. You want more police patrols so there is a visible deterrent against crime, helping you to feel safer in your own community. You want to see improvements to our pathways and roads to repair cracks and potholes to protect pedestrians and motorists. I want these things too.

If you vote for me on the 2nd May I will continue my work in the community, reporting fly-tipping, organising community litterpicks and serving the best interests of the residents of East Ward.

Muhammad Ikram

Conservative Candidate for East Ward