Khazar Suleman, Conservative Candidate for Central Ward

Central Ward is an amazing place to live. We have a thriving and vibrant City Centre as well as beautiful places of worship including a historical cathedral and stunning mosques. There are excellent educational facilities including East Anglia’s best secondary school, The Kings (The Cathedral) School. Central Ward is home to picturesque green spaces and open areas in addition to outstanding public transport hubs.

We need to make sure we are protecting our ward so that we can be proud of the area we live in. Some of our streets are infested with potholes, our parks littered with rubbish and our pavements fly-tipped with waste. I am working hard to protect our community and our city centre by pushing for regular police patrols to deter crime and more powers for enforcement officers to tackle inconvenient and unsafe parking. I want to see stronger fines given to those responsible for committing these crimes.

As the centre of Peterborough we are the main focus for attracting tourists and businesses into Peterborough. We need representation that can represent the whole community to deliver changes and improvements to local services. I would like the opportunity to be that representation. If you elect me on Thursday 2nd May I will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of you and all residents of Central Ward.

Khazar Suleman

Conservative Candidate for Central Ward