We are pleased to introduce you to our candidate, Nigel Simons for the forthcoming Eye, Thorney and Newborough by-election.

Following the resignation of Councillor Dave Sanders, there will be a by-election on Thursday 7th September.

Nigel Simons has been selected to stand as the Conservative candidate in the forthcoming election and will fight to maintain the seat as a Conservative one.

Nigel is a local man from Thorney and has been surrounded by local politics for most of his life as his father was a long standing Councillor for the City and Mayor in 2012/13 as well as his sister being a City Councillor..

If elected Nigel will work together with the exsiting Councillors Richard Brown and Steve Allen, to improve the area and will concentrate on making sure that the residents voice is heard at the Council.

Nigel's main objectives are as follows:

  • Speeding Controls - Nigel supports the Ward Councillors' campaign for action against excessive speeding in Eye, Thorney and Newborough.
  • Control of further developments in our villages - Nigel will stand firm against expansion of our villages without real infrastructue benefits to our community.
  • Action against fly-tipping - Fly-tipping is a problem throughout the region and Nigel will campaign to rid our villages of fly-tipping and make sure that those who are responsilble for it have action taken against them and are prosecuted.
  • Maintenance of Fenland roads and streets - Along with the current sitting Councillors' Nigel will press for improvements to our local roads and for better maintenance of roadside verges and shrubbery.


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