Prime Minister Theresa May has published her 12 point plan for Brexit.

Our 12-point plan for Brexit will help us provide certainty wherever we can as we approach the negotiations.


Just 11 days after you vote, the EU will start the Brexit negotiations with Britain. So whoever is Prime Minister must be up to the job and ready to start.

Getting those negotiations right is central to everything and only Theresa May has the plan and the ability to deliver.

Theresa May’s 12-point plan for Brexit:

1. Provide certainty and clarity

We will provide certainty wherever we can as we approach the negotiations.

2. Take control of our own laws

We will take control of our own statute book and bring an end to the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the UK.

3. Strengthen the Union

We will secure a deal that works for the entire UK – for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and all parts of England. We remain fully committed to the Belfast Agreement and its successors.

4. Protect our strong and historic ties with Ireland and maintaining the Common Travel Area

We will work to deliver a practical solution that allows for the maintenance of the Common Travel Area, whilst protecting the integrity of our immigration system and which protects our strong ties with Ireland.

5. Control immigration

We will have control over the number of EU nationals coming to the UK.

6. Secure rights for EU nationals in the UK, and UK nationals in the EU

We want to secure the status of EU citizens who are already living in the UK, and that of UK nationals in other Member States, as early as we can.

7. Protect workers’ rights

We will protect and enhance existing workers’ rights.

8. Ensure free trade with European markets

We will forge a new strategic partnership with the EU, including a wide reaching, bold and ambitious free trade agreement, and will seek a mutually beneficial new customs agreement with the EU. And because we will no longer be members of the single market, we will have control of our money once again: the days of Britain making vast contributions to the EU every year will end. 

9. Secure new trade agreements with other countries

We will forge ambitious free trade relationships across the world.

10. Ensure that the UK remains the best place for science and innovation

We will remain at the vanguard of science and innovation and will seek continued close collaboration with our European partners.

11. Cooperate in the fight against crime and terrorism

We will continue to work with the EU to preserve European security, to fight terrorism, and to uphold justice across Europe.

12. Deliver a smooth, orderly exit from the EU

We will seek a phased process of implementation, in which both the UK and the EU institutions and the remaining EU Member States prepare for the new arrangements that will exist between us.

With a strong hand in the Brexit negotiations, Theresa May can guarantee Britain’s economic security and future prosperity for you and your family.

A vote for any other party risks Jeremy Corbyn running the Brexit negotiations and putting jobs, living standards and our economic security at risk.

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